Kevin Grizzard

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NCAG 360Man Coordinator helping Pastors start, revitalize, and strengthen their ministry to men.

My Story

Hi, I’m Kevin Grizzard. I am partnering with churches across North Carolina to help them develop and grow their ministry to men.


I will be there to strategize with the men and help them get things off the ground, as well as train the leadership to develop disciples within their churches. 

I am available to speak and disciple your Men thru training of small discipleship groups, Retreats and any other areas to support the local Pastors and lift up there arms in this crucial Ministry.

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Why is Ministry to Men Important?

Why is ministry to men important?
A recent article that I was reading cited a study that had some interesting stats.
    •    If a child is the first one in a family unit to become a Christian there is a 3.5% chance that at least one of the parents will follow.
    •    If the mother is the first to become a Christian there is a 17% chance that at least one child will follow.
    •    If the father is the first to become a Christian there is a 93% chance that the entire family will become a Christian.

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